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Its back, and this time better than ever!!  As the name implies, The Grab N Stab is made for proactive/aggressive knife fighting.  It is the quintessential small combat knife.  Its use is paleolithic - intuitive.  No art or clever knife drills are needed, just aggression, violence, and a point.
The blade, a modified Wharncliffe is designed to puncture well.  But more, it is designed to cut as it penetrates.  The carefully designed handle facilitates saber grip, ice pick grip, edge in, edge out, any edge any place, any time, any grip.....and for will support your grip as you stab into a ballistic vested dummy, or a wooden stabbing post.  If you want a soft cushy grip on your knife....this is not for you. This grip is hard anodized aluminum with a smooth texture.  Its designed to stay in your hand .

Being an offensive concept blade, it is not meant for repelling or pushing is meant for stabbing and ripping.  There is no PC "cut the snake a little bit" mentality...this is for stabbing the snake to the ground and then going after the other snakes helping him. 
  • Overall Length (inches): 8.25
  • Blade Length (inches): 3.95
  • Blade Material: 01 Tool Steel, Black Oxide, 59-60 RC
  • Blade Detail: GNS Blade Profile,
  • Handle Material: Hard Anodized Aluminum With OD Green Color
  • Carry System: Black Kydex Sheath (with Tek-Lock and various other carry options)
*Necessary Disclaimer - This knife is sold for training and conceptual purposes only and neither the maker nor the seller assumes any liability of any form for its misuse by anyone, anyplace.

**Some customers have called saying their sheath is too tight. Is it tight? Yes it is...that is the way it is supposed to be. I specifically asked Blade-Tech to make it that way for the simple safety reason that a tight sheath will not give up its knife at the wrong time...with possibly disastrous results. I recall some years ago a "famous maker" knife sheath having a knife fall out and stick point up in a car seat with disastrous results for the knife owner. Thus the out-of-the-box tightness rather than looseness.

How can you loosen it up for faster deployment? Insert and draw the knife approximately 200 times.  This is something the end user should be doing regularly anyway. That will sufficiently loosen things up without any problems. If you choose to loosen it up further via the use of heat or other means, that is an option that you can use at your own discretion and personal risk.

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