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OneSource Price: $59.99
Item Number: AMG-GLK SUP-315-404-
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The use of co-witnessed iron sights is a crucial factor in the usability of the red dot on a pistol (sighted at the same point as the red dot).  With the traditional placement of the iron sights, sights that the eye has been trained to seek through countless draws in the past, the eye will go to the irons initially as they have always done in the past. The instant the iron sights are picked up, BAM, there is the red dot, and the eye can let go of the irons and use the red dot...ignoring the irons for any further use.

The "visual hand-off" takes place and becomes automatic.

The irons serve as "runway lights" or visual anchors to get the eye where it needs to be to pick up the red dot. The traditionally positioned iron sights are analogous to the stock on the rifle for this purpose. There are no shortcuts...there is one proven way to operate a red dot system on a handgun.

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