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Item Number: SMG-CQB
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This is the "secret stuff" everyone wants to know but almost nobody teaches.  And then, only to SWAT personnel.  Marksmanship and CCW knowledge alone may keep you safe from a mugger on a street corner, but when you find yourself fighting inside your house, those rudimentary skills will be found exceedingly lacking.
In this DVD, Suarez shares lessons learned from 15 years of High Risk Warrant Service, Drug Raids, Covert Tactical Entries, Hostage Rescue, Hunting Barricaded Criminals, Clearing Industrial and Residential Buildings, and other police special operations both  alone and with his SWAT team. 
Originally filmed at Suarez HQ, in a class for the Suarez International instructional staff, CQB Fighting In Structures deals with the missing subject matter that will link all your skill sets and make you a dangerous man with a gun.  The almost FOUR HOURS of material is specifically aimed at teaching the skills and tactics for the Single Operator, or the Small Team.  The first disc discusses all of the tactics in a very down to earth, and easy to remember manner.  No questions are left unanswered as Suarez details how to clear corners, doors, hallway intersections and other architectural features found in dwellings all over the world.   The second and third discs deal with hands on examples of what is discussed in Disc One including the deployment, management and tactics of a small CQB team.
Destined to be both a classic work, as well as one of the most controversial DVDs we have ever released, CQB Fighting In Structures is now available.
DVD Format
Approximately Four Hours in Three Discs